Starting a Conversation and Engaging Your Community with Chris Desmond

Starting a Conversation and Engaging Your Community with Chris Desmond
Starting a Conversation and Engaging Your Community with Chris Desmond
Episode September 07, 2021 00:41:46

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Matt Medeiros Stuart Barefoot

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On this week’s episode of the Creator’s Spotlight series, Sam talks with Chris Desmond about how to start a conversation and engage with your podcasting community. Chris’ healthcare background easily transferred into a podcasting hobby. It has since morphed even more, changing from a hobby, to a mental health tool, to a resource for the healthcare community. Sam and Chris share their advice about how to create these communities as well as tips for interviewing, making the editing process smoother and faster, and the advantages of setting up a recording schedule.

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Today you’ll learn about:

  • Grounding yourself and setting up a recording schedule
  • Chris’ tips for interviewing guests
  • Chris’ background in healthcare and how it led to podcasting
  • Burnout and how healthcare practitioners take care of themselves
  • Tips for new podcasters
    • Tips for a faster podcasting process
    • Batching podcasting duties
    • Balancing your time between podcasting and your personal life
    • Tools for editing
  • Why Chris decided to develop memberships for his podcast
  • Advice for podcasters who have a professional community


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