Selling an audio book through a podcast

Selling an audio book through a podcast
Selling an audio book through a podcast
Episode June 02, 2022 00:12:56

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Matt Medeiros Stuart Barefoot

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Matt and Jonathan get back together to give us an update on their “build in public” subscription podcast experiment.

In their first episode, Matt pitched the idea to Jonathan as a way to add another revenue stream to his podcast efforts. It was a new concept to Jonathan, who still had to come up with a plan on what he would actually sell.

Today, he’s back to share his ideas on selling an audiobook version of his printed book, and what other value he can deliver to his customers through subscription podcasts.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Yesterday. I was sitting there after I had my mentorship call with my community and I was like, well, wow. Each session that we record of the audio, I can turn into a private podcast episode to make it easier for people to, you know, get access to it, to play it on the go and everything like that. So I was like, man, that's what I'm gonna do next. Speaker 1 00:00:20 That was Jonathan Jones having an aha moment for his subscriber podcast project. He and I are building out here in public. If you didn't catch the first episode, I invite you to go back and listen to me, pitch this crazy idea of giving him a free castless account to monetize his podcast efforts in some way. Well, audio specifically, but what kind of audio that was up to him? Here's Jonathan, back in April, thinking about this idea on the audience podcast, Speaker 0 00:00:46 Somebody says, oh, you don't have it on audio book <laugh> and then I can say, well, yes, I actually do share, share, share, cast those link here. So being able to be in a position to differentiate or diversify opportunities for people to get more access or to get products or get services, that's what I'm most excited about. I just feel the biggest challenge initially, what will be some of the promotion, just, just taking time and coming up with creative ways too. But other than that, I'm not seeing any challenges. I'm seeing more benefits and I've seen a lot more benefits as, as me. And you talked about this concept and this idea, so I'm not really fearful, but I am grateful that you have as much experience as you do in the game. And just talking with you about this idea and you reaching out to me about the Speaker 1 00:01:33 Idea a little more than one month later, would he still be excited? I had the chance to catch up with Jonathan in part two of our little public experiment to see where his head was at. I'll be honest. I was a bit nervous for both of us. Was he still interested in pursuing this? I caught him bright and early. Having just returned from two podcast events down south. Speaker 0 00:01:53 I was down in Orlando at, uh, podcast Fest, had the opportunity to, to speak. I talked on, spoke on the topic of five ways to establish, uh, credibility through having podcast guests. So that, that was super cool. And then two days later, I MCD the monetization track, got to meet the man, the myth, the legend, Dave Jackson. And then I hopped on a bird and then I came to Atlanta and spoke at the black podcast festival. Uh, and there I talked about what, what we've talked about before, how you can leverage your podcast, take your podcast to then secure pace, speaking engagements. So it was fun. My body is still tired and I'm excited. <laugh> I'm just excited. <laugh> Speaker 1 00:02:38 As somebody who is, well, I'll say now, a veteran in podcasting, what did you learn from these events that you didn't know already going down to these podcast events? Speaker 0 00:02:50 Wow. So one the opportunity to monetize at one point traditionally, traditionally, right? People typically think, oh, sponsorship, oh, ad reads. And then they may dwindle down to products and services a just after affiliates, but going to, going to podcast, Dave, Dave Jackson talked about setting your podcast up and configuring it to receive payment through Bitcoin. And then there's another gentleman down there. His name is Seth. And he talked about how you can create how he's on a mission to create an NFT for his podcast to build community around his podcast. So, um, there, there is just so many other ways that are being exposed and or revealed that I didn't necessarily know before. And I also learned the power of having one of those cards, like a business card with the barcode on the back of it. It makes it so much easier to connect with more people faster. If you're a podcaster and you go to a conference, if you don't connect with at least five to 10 or whatever number of people you set for yourself, you're short changing yourself at the highest level, because that goes to the monetization part, right? Because building community, building relationships that helps you build trust, and then that helps people spend money with you when they know what you do. So that, that would, that would be what I would say Speaker 1 00:04:16 I'm curious of is what was the vibe of, of these events? I mean, we're sort of hearing in the news that, well, I don't know, are we headed into a recession? It's inflation, are people worried about launching a podcast at these days? What was the general vibe you got, um, around podcasting, especially if it's a core part of the business. Speaker 0 00:04:37 So the vibe down, down at podcast Fest, the majority of people already had podcasts. So the vibe was really looking to collaborate strongly looking to collaborate, because just like you're saying, um, about, you know, are we gonna be in a recession or is this gonna happen or is that gonna happen? It, it, it was just a strong urge to collaborate and to connect, uh, down at, down at pod, down at pod Fest, for sure. And then down at the black podcast festival in Atlanta there, the, the vibe was like a, it was like a family reunion, Matt. It was really, it was pretty cool because it was like, these are people, some of them I've seen here and there on Twitter and stuff like that, but also just, you know, the opportunity to, to, to really hear people's stories because that, that, that was a part that, I mean, we can get it online, but it's a different feel when I'm looking at you in your face and I shake your hand and you're telling me why you're passionate about your podcast. That's helping people change their eating habits or tighten up their finances. So that that'll be, what I would say was the, was the two vibes of the two conferences Speaker 1 00:05:43 Now that we were able to catch up. And the caffeine finally set in for Jonathan. I needed to know where he was at with our buildin public project. After we recorded that first time. Were you like, what did I get myself into? <laugh> like, did you start thinking like, oh my God, what did I say yes to? What was your, uh, reaction to our, after our first recording? Speaker 0 00:06:02 So AF after the first recording, I mean, I was, I was really fired up. I was really fired up really excited, um, about the idea. Cause like I told you before, I've heard of the private podcast, but I didn't really see anybody doing a private podcast. So since, since the recording, I one, um, me going in, going under the hood, getting the opportunity to record getting the opportunity to, you know, channel this other lane of monetization in addition to also now realizing that the opportunity is so, so great because Matt on one side and I'm gonna, I I'm like three fourths of the way through this audio book. Now I'm three fourths of the way through recording this audio book. But yesterday I was sitting there after I had my mentorship called my community and I was like, well, wow, each session that we record the audio, I can turn into a private podcast episode to make it easier for people to, you know, get access to it, to play it on the go and everything like that. So I was like, man, that's what I'm gonna do next. So after, you know, after I get this one, this, this audio book up and I'm like, this just makes sense. So you have my mind going. And now that you brought me into the fold of this understanding, now I'm trying to also think of other ways that, that this can be leveraged as well. Speaker 1 00:07:24 Remind the audience, you have the printed book, what's the title of the book again, what's the subject. And now you're turning it into an audio book Speaker 0 00:07:32 It's called get paid with podcast. And, and it's basically the blueprint showing, uh, how to start a podcast walking you through, literally handholding, walking you through all the way to where you can then get, uh, how you can monetize the podcast. So talking about, uh, multiple different ways that, that you can monetize and then also even break down, you know, how people can be in a position to where they can, how they can, you know, start doing like guessing towards and stuff like that. Speaker 1 00:07:58 You can imagine my relief Jonathan is really hyped to turn this printed book into a sellable audio book using his Casto account. I also had a smile from eater ear when he had that aha moment again for a second time on his mentorship calls. Now he can take the same technology that allows him to sell an audio book and use that to create a member's only podcast that attaches to his current membership, delivering that extra value to his students, take their membership calls on the, go with the Casto step away experience. As we wrap up, I know there's a lot of new tech and critical thinking to add to this new channel of content, to Jonathan's offerings, how much extra effort is needed in his workflow for an audio book or a subscription podcast versus just doing his typical public podcast. Speaker 0 00:08:45 So didn't do anything differently in my workflow. However, I will say this audio book is gonna be more, more authentic. So my, my, my book is already authentic, but I mean the audio book is gonna be authentic and really conversational. So I'm like I'm talking through some things and I'm laughing and I'm like, okay, well, let's get back to, let me get back to the script. One, one person who did a great job of that, uh, when I was listening to his audio book was David Goggins. So thank you, David Goggins for really, um, you know, really giving me the rights of passage to, to put that, to do certain stuff in my audio book as well. When I read by myself, I read inside my head. I don't read out loud. So reading out loud, just like you said, I mean, sometimes I have to go back and I'm like, uh, okay, let me reread that. Speaker 0 00:09:31 Let me redo that part because it, it, it's just, I don't know, there there's a little bit of anxiousness, but it's just anxiousness. I'm creating on myself because I'm like, oh, I don't wanna MIS mispronounce the word. Don't wanna mispronounce the word. Don't wanna mispronounce the word and I mispronounce it and I'm like, ah, gotta do it again. Or I'll just roll over it again. So, you know, it's, it's just one of those aspects. I like you, I like the free flow, but as I, as I continue, um, going through the workflow as I continue just reading, then things do start to flow smoother. So the people are gonna get a real, a real authentic version of me in my truest form in this audio book. Speaker 1 00:10:09 So what's the next steps you're gonna finish recording the book. Are you gonna go into like promotion phase or are you gonna do like, Hey, I'm gonna send this out to a few beta testers so that they can check it out first. Have you even thought about what the next step is after you finish recording? Speaker 0 00:10:23 I'm I'm glad you just said that <laugh> so the beta test I didn't necessarily think about, but now that makes a whole lot of sense. So, so thank you, Matt. Um, and, and then, and then after that, I'm gonna, I I'm gonna do well, one I'll my next episode. I, I probably can talk about just this process that I'm going through. So just to prepare the people for when I actually do release it, um, and then I'll be able to really, really start marketing really start promoting it in that way. So beta tests do do an episode about it, what I'm doing little bit behind the scenes and then also, uh, when they can expect it. So, yeah. Thank thanks for that. Matt Egypt really laid out strategy. Speaker 1 00:11:03 Awesome, man. I love the fact that you organically saw the utility of, you know, taking your membership meetings, your coaching calls or mentorship calls as you call them and putting them on audio. That's awesome. I'm excited to see you launch the book in audio form. I also love the fact that you're doing it authentically. This is a great, this is great update. I appreciate the time outta your busy schedule to meet today and chat about this stuff. Where can folks go to, to buy this book or where can they go to sign up to the, to the mailing list so that when the audio book comes out, they can Speaker 0 00:11:31 Buy it. So you can actually go to your podcast, mentor, And there you can, you can hop on my mailing list. You can, uh, you know, follow, follow my podcasting journey and that way, you know, you'll be, you'll be in the list. You'll be in the know when I record the episode, talking about what I'm doing, you'll get that. And then you'll be the first to know. You'll be the first to know when, when we release the audio book. So your podcast, me hop on the email list there. And thank you, Matt. Speaker 1 00:12:00 Hey there, listener it's Matt. Before you go, I want to offer you the aspiring podcaster to special items. Number one, if you haven't started a podcast yet, or you want to find a better podcast, hosting companies start here at casts. Use our coupon code audience 20 that's audience two zero. When you sign up for a new, start a podcast like the one you just heard or about gluten free muffins, whatever it is will help you get your podcast out into the world. Number two, did you know that our academy is free enrolled today for Get access to our courses, videos, and templates all for free. Thanks for listening to the audience podcast today. We hope we're helping you become a better podcaster. All that's left for you to do is share this episode on social media buy for now.

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