Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 Trailer
Season 2 Trailer

Feb 23 2023 | 00:02:19

Episode February 23, 2023 00:02:19

Hosted By

Stuart Barefoot

Show Notes

Audience is an original series by Castos. At it’s core, it’s a podcast about podcasting. The team here at Castos is passionate about bringing valuable information, tips, and podcasting news to listeners so they can elevate their shows to the next level. In the second season of Audience, Stuart talks with podcasters from different backgrounds about their stories and how they achieved success. Join Stuart as he uncovers the process for making better shows and as he unravels the business behind podcasts.

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Episode Transcript

Speaker 0 00:00:01 Hey there, my name is Stuart and I'm the host and producer of a podcast called Audience. Audience is an original series by Casto, and at its core, I guess you could say, it's a podcast about podcasting, which I know probably seems kind of meta even. Still, I think it's worth checking out. Cause each episode I go behind the scenes of all kinds of podcasts and chat with audio creators of all stripes. In season two, a singer and songwriter collaborates with his own fans to tell stories. Speaker 1 00:00:33 Good. More than anything, I'm trying to get them to like articulate their story as best as possible. You know? Cause some, some people might have a great story, but don't tell it. Well, Speaker 0 00:00:44 The creators of an acclaimed podcast called Endless Thread. Give us a behind the scenes look at how they craft stories. Speaker 2 00:00:50 We made an episode that was about a mountain of dishware that someone found in the woods and they couldn't remember where it was, and they had no idea why it was there, but it was like 60 feet long, 20 plus feet high. Speaker 0 00:01:07 Two buddies started a podcast about Seinfeld, and along the way created a tight-knit community. Speaker 3 00:01:13 It's a great way to connect with people. Great way to find out. There are so many other people like you that really appreciate this show and wanna be a part of something. And I think that makes you feel like you belong. You're a part of something and it's great being able to bring that to people. Speaker 0 00:01:30 Plus an art educator Turn producer brings art to life in a unique way Speaker 5 00:01:34 Because a podcast is interesting, an art lecture is not, you know, the audio guide that you get at the museum is boring. But a podcast is interesting and so it gave me the opportunity to make art history as interesting as people thought podcasts were. Speaker 0 00:01:50 So, join me in my pursuit of producing better shows and uncovering the business that Powers Audio Creators. Season two premieres on March 2nd, anywhere you get your podcast and, Speaker 6 00:02:05 We're less interested in the bullet points of like, what's the top Google hit for that subject as we are in really getting into the nitty gritty of their process.

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