2022 Podcast Predictions

2022 Podcast Predictions
2022 Podcast Predictions

Dec 30 2021 | 00:09:38

Episode 0 December 30, 2021 00:09:38

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Stuart Barefoot

Show Notes

What is podcasting going to be like in 2022? What are your predictions for next year? What are your hopes for the industry? In this episode of the Audience podcast, Matt talks about his predictions, Castos’ predictions, and other podcasters’ opinions about what they think will happen in the next year. 

Are you hopeful for more integrations for promotion? What trends do you see moving forward and evolving in 2022? Matt hears from four strong and seasoned podcasters (Danny Brown, Tanner Campbell, Arielle Nissenblat, and Gary Arndt) about what they think as well.

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Today you’ll learn about:

  • Castos Predictions
    • Integrations for monetization and promotion
    • 10xing Podcasting 2.0
  • The Future According to Twitter
    • Spotify predictions
    • More uses for dynamic content
    • Hopefully more instructional podcasts
    • More women and people of color in larger companies, running podcasts
    • Apple Podcast predictions
  • Matt’s Industry Predictions
    • More Podcasting 2.0 adoptions
    • Decline in megacorps pushing into podcasting


ConvertKit video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bR-IaS0ZMt0 

User Suggestions - Castos: https://feedback.castos.com/ 

Danny Brown:DannyBrownCA

Tanner Campbell: tannerhelps

Arielle Nissenblat: arithisandthat

Gary Arndt: EverywhereTrip

Newpodcastapps.com: https://podcastindex.org/apps 

Castos Academy: https://academy.castos.com/ 

Castos, private podcast: https://academy.castos.com/private/ 

Castos, website: Castos.com/

Castos, YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/castos  

Clubhouse video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8729ZpWpmIw


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